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Memory and Language at JIFFI2

On the 17th, 18th and 19th of May 2017, some of the PhD students of the Memory and Language group came for the meeting 'Jornadas de Investigadores en Formación Fomentando la Interdisciplinariedad 2 (JIFFI2)' to disseminate their work.  

The JIFFI2 is an annual event organized by PhD students and the International Postgraduate School of the University of Granada which gathered PhD students of the University of Granada from different Doctoral Schools universities (Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences and Science Engineering and Technology). The key point of the meeting was to create a platform for promoting communication and interdisciplinary collaboration among different departments and research areas.

Motivated Brain Plasticity: the 3MT experience

“Motivated Brain Plasticty” is the title of the talk that won the second prize of the 3 minute thesis competition first edition in the University of Granada, in which participants have to explain the main concept and results of their doctoral thesis project in less than 3 minutes and with a single slide.

Welcome to the Memory & Language Blog

For more than twenty years, young researchers of the Memory and Language research group (an interdisciplinary group of the Granada and Jaén Spanish Universities) have been working to better understand how memory and language processes work. In this blog, will make our work accessible to the world. Welcome and enjoy reading!