Vanessa Lozano

Current Position: 
Former members

Centro de Investigación Mente, Cerebro y Comportamiento

C/ Profesor Clavera s/n

Universidad de Granada

18071 Granada, España

Research Interests: 
Executive process in patients whit a severe mental disorder. Interference control and inhibitory mechanisms in schizophrenia, bipolar and borderline personality disorder.
Conference Presentations: 
  • 7th Assessment Validation Workshop (2017). Spanish validation of the Nursing Observed Illness Intensity Scale in psychiatric units. Oral communication. Barcelona, Spain.

  • The European Night of Researchers (2016). From Normal to Delirium What's Behind Mental Illness? Oral communication. Granada, Spain.

  • American Psychological Association Annual Convention (2016). Structural equivalence Across UK, Spain and Guatemala Versions of the Green Paranoid Thought Scales. Poster presentation. Denver, USA.

  • 6th Conference of the Institute of Neuroscience Federico Oloriz (2016). “Psychotic dimensions in the general population”. Oral communication. Granada, Spain.

  • International Meeting of Psychonomic Society (2016).Proactive and reactive control processes in individuals with high and low anxiety-trait. Poster presentation. Granada, Spain.

  • 18th National Psychiatry Convention (2015). Executive inhibition dysfunction in psychosis is modulated by COMT and BDNF genes. Poster presentation . Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

  • 19th Conference of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (2015). Control processes in individuals with high and low psychometric schizotypal personality. Poster presentation. Pathos, Chipre.

  • 12th Conference of the Spanish Society for Experimental Psychology (SEPEX) and the Spanish Society for Experimental Physiology and Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SEPNECA) (2014). Executive Dysfunction in patients with severe mental disorder. Poster presentation. Murcia, Spain.

  • BAPS-SEPEX meeting, Belgian Society of Experimental Psychology and Spanish Society of Experimental Psychology (2012). Inhibitory Control Across Mental Disorders. Poster presentation. Lieja, Belgium.

  • 17th Meeting of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (2011). Inhibitory control across mental disorders. Poster presentation. San Sebastian, Spain.

  • 28th Annual meeting of Valencian Neurology Association (2011). Association memory in mesial epilepsy. Poster presentation. Valencia, Spain.