5th November: Chandan Vaidya's conference

Date: Wednesday, November, 5th.

Time: 11:00h

Place: Sala de Conferencias 2 CIMCYC

Speaker: Chandan Vaidya, directora del laboratorio de Neurociencia Cognitiva del Desarrollo de la Universidad de Georgetown

Title: Towards a cognitive neuroscience of individual differences: Genes, brain, and behavior

Abstract: Genetic polymorphisms of dopamine and serotonin genes have been implicated in susceptibility to psychiatric conditions. I will present our studies in healthy children and adults examining the role of the dopamine transporter genotype and the serotonin transporter genotype in differences in performance (e.g., working memory, logical reasoning), behavioral traits (e.g., inattention/impulsivity, anxiety), and brain structure and function (activation and connectivity). These findings contribute to the identification of endophenotypes that are necessary for building a causal pathway from genes to disorder.